Custom Options

Each of our designs has many different options to choose from to personalise your stationery and give it even more of a luxury finish. Please take a look at some of our options below and don't forget you can choose elements from across our ranges to create something that's perfect for you.  It's all part of the service.

Beau spring pattern

Invitation Styles & Card Options

Our wedding invitations are available in a range of different styles, sizes and materials. We usually select the card type which best suits the style of your chosen invitation, however if you would like to specify please let us know.

Standard card options:

'Textured' in ivory or white (300gsm); our signature card is a beautiful high quality matt card with a subtle textured finish to give that extra luxurious feel to your invitations and stationery.This card works with all our designs and in particular with the Vintage ranges. 

'Pearlescent Smooth' in natural white (300gsm); a beautiful off-white/ivory card with a subtle shimmer finish, works really well with 'Vogue' and similar designs.

Bespoke card options:

High Shimmer Pearlescent  Coloured Card (300gsm); a very high quality pearlescent card available in a range of metalic shades perfect for a more luxurious finish. Please enquire for further information.

Matt Coloured Card (300gsm); high quality matt coloured card in a range of colours for a bold finish, shades available to match some ribbon colours. 

Take a look at our Invitation Styles

Envelopes & Presentation Boxes

All our invitations and save the date cards come with a matching plain envelope however we can make your stationery even more personalised and help to guard against delicate designs being damaged in the post by offering you the following optional extras:

  • Pattern-Lined Envelopes 
  • Plain Presentation Boxes
  • Fully Decorated Presentation Boxes
  • Address Labelled Bubble Wrap Envelopes*

*We highly recommend this for the more embellished designs. 

Please contact us for further information and prices. 

Colour Options

All of our stationery can be made to match your wedding colours perfectly! The ribbons and embellishments used to decorate your chosen design are all available in a huge range of colours and the text on your stationery can be printed in any colour too. We can also offer a free colour matching service. 

Take a look at our decoration colour options:

* more satin ribbon colours available. If you cannot find the colour you're after please contact us.

Patterns & Motifs

Many of our designs can be made to look detailed and elaborate, or simple and understated depending on your taste.

Would you like a more detailed look, perfectly co-ordinated with your wedding theme? We’ll use different patterns in various styles which can be printed to match your ribbon choice. Or we can use complementary colours or subtle neutral tones.

Have you seen a specific pattern somewhere that you know is just right? We'll try to find it for you and incorporate it into your favourite design. You can also add motifs to give a truly personalised, traditional touch. We have a small range for you to choose from or you can send us your own.

Take a look at our classic Pattern Options

Take a look at our 'Luxury Floral' Pattern Options *

* The above patterns can be used for any of our designs, some patterns may incur a small additional cost.

Take a look at our Motifs

beau wedding invitation

Invitation Wording

We have a choice of carefully worded invitations. Some are more traditional, others are more contemporary, but all of them convey that special sense of occasion and delight that we know you want your guests to feel when your wedding invitation drops through the letterbox.

If you have something different in mind, then please let us know. We can also print in other languages as long as the wording is provided for us.

Take a look at our Wording Options


Over the years we have discovered the typefaces which we feel best complement each design, but you can choose a different one to suit your taste.

We also use different typeface combinations to create your own personalised 'logo' on your stationery. If you look through our range of designs you will see many different variations - you don't have to stick with the ones pictured. If you need any advice on which styles work with which invitations please let us know. 

Take a look at our Typeface Options

Vogue wedding invitation